Special systems

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Niche solutions, we want to prove ourselves!

It is our passion to exhaust the possibilities of existing technology and to develop new technologies.

Everything that flows! This is our motto in the dispensing and mixing so as foaming technology sector and so we developed the following systems:


  • 1C foam machine, under license from the Japanese company SUNSTAR, re-engineered by us for the European market. The extremely stable technique enables very fine sealing beads, e.g. 0.5 mm high, to be applied accurate and repeatable.
  • Robots and curing oven are the necessary companions to every FOAMPLY. That’s why we like to offer complete solutions, which implement frequently also other functions, such as plasma pretreatment and primer application.


  • 2K metering and mixing system, our “all-rounder” in the processing of 2-component casting resins and foams, has the following options:
  • Dynamic or static mixing head: allows processing of the entire spectrum of 2-component materials.
  • Flowmeter: for online monitoring and control of metering capacity per component
  • MOVEAPLY: NC 3-axis system controlled by the specially developed NC software with integrated PLC functions for dosing applications.
  • Vacuum casting in our patented vacuum chamber, which ensures the movement of the assembly or multiple recording under the dispensing needle.


  • Priming machine for uniform application of primer.

For every problem there is an ENDIN solution!


Foamply ST, SUNSTAR Penguin Foaming Machine for Form in Place Sealing


Mixaply in the Moveaply version, dispensing and mixing (vacuum potting and foaming) machine for 2 compound potting materials and foams